A Cool Change

Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

Hopefully these glorious Naranjillas will flourish in the cooler weather...
Hopefully these glorious Naranjillas will flourish in the cooler weather…

Thankfully, the seasons have finally changed.   Summer has moved on, having more than overstayed its welcome.

I’m so relieved.  Because I had Summer Affliction Disorder. SAD* for short.

Days of endless sunshine are enough to drive me crazy.

Constant heat.  Long, sun filled days.

West Indian cucumbers, mixed with giant snow peas climb up the trellis outside my office window...
West Indian cucumbers, mixed with giant snow peas climb up the trellis outside my office window…

This sounds like fun until you try getting three little kids to sleep when its still daylight and 30 degrees at 8pm. Only to have them wake again at 4:00am when the sun rises and the goddamn birds start singing.

It’s too hot to turn on the oven, but you don’t really want to eat anyway.  Even coffee isn’t much fun.  All you want is icypoles and cold beer, and if you overdo it,  a hangover will feel like a holiday in hell.

And if you think a bit of romance is an option, forget about it. Being hot and sweaty is, perhaps surprisingly, a bit of a turn off if you want to get hot and sweaty.

Summer lasted a good five months this year, and I’m happy that it’s finally gone.

We had some fantastic downpours in the last week. I’m not exactly sure how many millilitres fell at my place because the passionfruit vine has engulfed the rain gauge.

But after 100 days of dry days and sunshine,  I couldn’t have been more excited if it was raining champagne….

The smell of the rain hitting the bare dirt was almost intoxicating.  Being a unashamed pluviophile**, I skipped about in a glorious rainy daze.

Months of accumulated dust is washed off everything, all is clean and bright and downright perky.   It feels like a restoration.

Seedlings lining up to ready, set, grow!
Seedlings lining up to ready, set, grow!

Because now I confidently turn my hand to autumn planting. It pleases me to see my greenhouse starting to swell with fresh new plants, ready to transform my parched beds into lush parcels of productive beauty.  I’ve sown dozens of varieties, and am looking forward to showing them off once they are in place.

My garden currently is in what astrobiologists would call the “circumstellar habitable zone”, or the “Goldilocks zone” for those of us who don’t speak space.

It’s when everything is just right.  Enough rain.  Not to much heat.  Just enough sunshine.  The climate is ripe for growth. How exciting!

*Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter sickness.  Apparently days of rain, cold and cloudy weather triggers a hibernation instinct  of some long past ancestry.  Sufferers get irritable, crave carbs, have difficulty concentrating and sleeping, experience decreased sex drive and withdraw from the world at large.  Frankly, semi-hibernating under the doona with a stash of carbs, a good book and a thunderstorm soundtrack sounds like a glorious way to spend the day.  Much better than sweating from dawn to dusk…

** Pluviophile: (n) a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.  Basically translates from Latin as “rain pervert“.

Did summer linger too long in your part of the world?  Or are you the opposite? Waiting for winter to end?  I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below.



  1. Bron says

    I have just discovered your entertaining and informative blog and spent much time reading. So much in common including the desire to grow to eat on a suburban block, young children who are yet to fully appreciate the joy that is gardening, chooks, worms, and chronic recycling / repurposing. Thank you for recording your efforts and reflections for us to enjoy and share. SO hearing your joy in the end of summer. I am in Brisbane where we have endured the driest summer on record, locals are calling it an Adelaide or Perth summer. Rains have just started to fall over the last few weeks and I am in a planting/sowing frenzy, feeling the refreshment and hope of things growing Before they are roasted. Happy planting.

    • says

      Thanks Bron, thrilled you enjoyed a stroll through my blog! Love to find fellow enthusiasts, and Brisbane is such a beautiful city.
      We even managed a sleep in this Sunday morning as it was overcast (dark) and cool.
      And the week ahead forecast looks like rain, rain, rain! Woo hoo!

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